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IDEA: Media Link Catalog

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I have been searching for a program / web service which can be used to catalog media web links. Let me explain what I mean.

I download lots of stuff (audio / video / photos) from the web and have it properly organized on my PC in their appropriate folders ( I am sure most of us do this :) ). You would agree that in no time, your hard disk would be occupied with all the stuff.

Now, think about this. How about a program in which you initially create folders (like Music, Photos, Videos, etc) and then in a particular folder (say photos), you only provide the weblink to the image (For example: and then the program automatically shows the thumbnail of that photo (Just like Facebook shows the thumbnail of the photo after you paste the weblink on the wall)?

Similarly, in our "would be" program's video folder, the user would just provide the weblink to the video (For example: and the program would show the thumbnail of the video (again just like in Facebook). On pages with multiple media content (Example, a page with a youtube video, couple of images and audio player) the program should "step through" each and every media content and allow the user to select the appropriate one (Yet again, just like in Facebook).

Note that the program should not actually download any photos, videos or audio but should only catalog the respective links in the appropriate folder with their thumbnails. Thumbnails here are a must for the user to identify which media file to open in the future.

Moreover, unlike other "Favorite Managers" which take a snapshot of the whole webpage, our program would "grab" the thumbnail of the file. In this way, all the content is on the web but we still have the links to them properly categorized with their thumbnails with us on our PC.

Think about it guys. Is it a good coding snack?


Sounds like you are talking about something like Pinterest but as a local app. Would Pinterest not work for what you are requesting?

Sounds like you are talking about something like Pinterest but as a local app. Would Pinterest not work for what you are requesting?
-c.gingerich (May 11, 2012, 08:31 AM)
--- End quote ---

I have tried Pinterest but it is not what I am looking for. Pinterest shares all the pinned content with others which I do not want to. I have even tried a better alternative than Pinterest which is Memonic, but this does not work on all pages.

Why don't we make a program which uses scripts that are used in Facebook to save links to media content? Please refer the attached image which explains an idea for designing the program. The whole idea is to catalog links (and not save the files directly) properly.

Any ideas from anyone? I have searched for such a program on the web but could not find any. Such a program would be the first of its kind. This could as well be a nominee for N.A.N.Y. ;)

Please drop me a message if anyone is willing to code this program for a fee?


I am still thinking about if/how I would be able to make this app. I have been very busy with my job and the other apps I have (Color My Folder, FastUnzip Snack and others) that I have not had too much time as of yet to completely get into this.


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