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Powerful Yet Light Weight Image Editor

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Hi there,

I was wondering if any donationcoder member has made an image editor. Just like "Screenshot Captor", has anyone made a light yet powerful image editing tool?


Nothing on DC as far as I know, but Paint.NET is a pretty full-featured image editor that's comparatively lightweight.

Here is mine:

I'd like to believe it is relatively powerful and relatively light weight, but different people may have a different opinions. If I knew  what tasks you want to solve with an image editor, I would be able to tell you if it is suitable or if another editor would be a better choice.

Compared to, it is much more powerful and you do not need .net framework installed and there is a portable edition available. That could count as a light-weight feature.

^ I've never used your image editor... I knew about your icon editor and it's aces, so I'm glad this came up so I can take a look!

How about RealWorld Paint 2011.1 finally complete

RWPaint is a free image and animation editor focused on bloggers and other people who work with pictures and animations online. Notable features include:

* Support of layers with styles.
* Import and export of .psd, .xcf, .pdn formats with layers and in case of Photoshop also with some styles (is there any other non-Adobe image editor that imports layer styles?).
* Many drawing tools (pencil, image brush, rectangle, ellipse, lasso, polygon, flood fill), and photo-retouching tools (red eye remover, clone, shape-shifter (liquify-like) tool).
* All basic image effects (shadow, fill, outline, bevel, glow, exposure adjustments, content-aware resizing, colorize, shift hue) and some less usual ones like displace or environment mapping. Plus a javascript interface for custom filter creation.
* Decent gif optimizer.
* Animation <-> filmstrip conversions.-vlastimil (October 09, 2011, 05:02 PM)
--- End quote ---

I see the author got in ahead of me but I may as well post anyway...


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