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Norton Identity Safe -- Free Download

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Tried it : it called home during the installation, then asked for my email address and then to set up an account at Norton - I uninstalled it (and it asked me to reboot...).

Then I used WhyReboot? to see what Norton had left behind and WhyReboot? found 463 Norton related entries ...

No further comments.

But Norton might have got better (said optimistically), and this freebie NIS could be useful.
-IainB (April 30, 2012, 05:23 PM)
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I've had lots of history with Norton products and I have had a policy for quite awhile of never letting their software touch my boxes.  However, after some research, I decided to relent and try Norton Online Family to help corral my daughter's Internet use.  Not without trepidation, I installed and configured on three PCs.  Within a week I had removed it, after its filtering did not allow the access it should, it refused to update its settings, and it blocked sites even after it was set to monitor only.

So maybe a leopard can change its spots, and an old dog can learn new tricks, but there are just too many other options...  friends don't let friends run Norton...

Well then, judging from what @Josh, @joiwind @x16wda and I say in this thread, maybe we need a new term in the Internet vocabulary: "Nortonware" = "Dubiousware".

Out of interest, I took a look at the website in my Firefox browser and in my Chromium browser.
On the NIS features link, it lists 6 points: (which look very good):
Norton Identify Safe

Save Passwords
Never again forget a username or password. Ever. Forget what it's like to go through tedious password resets.
Be Smart.

Fill Out Cards/Forms
Stop filling in the same forms over and over. Identity Safe can auto-fill your addresses, credit cards, frequent flyer numbers and much more.
Save time.

Store Notes
Securely save notes and quickly find them when you need them.
Remember Everything

Found something interesting? Want to tell others? Share straight from Identity Safe.
Be Social.

Safe Web
Don't be tricked into revealing confidential information to the wrong crowd. Know whether a site is bad, before it loads.
Be Aware.

Safe Search
Avoid bad sites. Know whether a site is bad before you visit.
Be Selective.

--- End quote ---

Given that it was all about Norton security, it was therefore perhaps unfortunate that (in my Chromium browser), slap-bang in the middle of this page, there was site-spam. It looked very dodgy on - static, animated and flashing banners came up with all sorts of "click here" offers, some referring to
Webutation  called it:
"Phishing / Fraud / Badware"
--- End quote ---

Some samples clipped from the Norton website (and by the way, I don't have an extension "Enhancements for Gmail"):

I opened the link in Opera and IE and the only adware/spyware related thing on that page is google analytics. No popups / ads.

I opened the link in Opera and IE and the only adware/spyware related thing on that page is google analytics. No popups / ads.
-PhilB66 (April 30, 2012, 07:46 PM)
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Interesting...I just tried it in Google Chrome, and it is partially visible there - almost dead centre. The button bar is inactive/dummy though - as it was in Chromium.
By the way, the ads didn't pop up straight away in Chromium. They weren't visible at first, then there was a ghostly (transparent) flash rectangle, and then the ads started to appear intermittently in that rectangle, ON TOP OF the webpage's content, but still transparent (you can see that in the sample clips I gave, above).
In Google Chrome that single bar displays (look carefully), but no ads appeared - just that one line as per this snippet:


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