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Norton Identity Safe -- Free Download

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The emboldened bit seemed a pretty big claim...
-IainB (May 29, 2012, 04:42 PM)
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Scintilla is the bomb, it seems to be the innards of a lot of the best text editors these days.  They all have a slightly different flavor (I am preferrring Notepad2 these days over SciTE, for example, and even over my licensed copy of Ultraedit) but they all tend to be blinding fast and can handle huge files (hundreds of MB) extremely well.

Using Notepad2-mod

Will set itself up as the default notepad app.
What an absolute pleasure.

Check out CryptoTE at
-PhilB66 (May 01, 2012, 07:31 AM)
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Incidentally, if you like CryptoTE's encryption and fast Scintilla editing, but you think it may be a wee bit short on fancy editing features, be sure to add in Dolphin Text Editor Menu... then just select some text and hit ctrl-numpad-0 to do the fancy stuff.  I liked Dolphin enough to contribute so I could use it at work.

Carol Haynes:
My standard advise top anyone with Norton or MacAfee stuff on their machine is to remove it ASAP. Both seem to work on the principle that the best internet protection is to make your computer so slow it is virtually unusable, and MacAfee in particular seems to be on most boxes I am asked to remove malware.

I used Norton for years when it was a good company but when Norton sold out to Symantec things flushed down the toilet rapidly and personally I would not let their crap near any of my computers (to the point that I use an original MS Windows disk on boxes I buy to make sure there are no dregs left behind).

I have found MacAfee still screwing up internet connections 2 years after users have removed it because their uninstall is so bad!

My standard advise top anyone with Norton or MacAfee stuff on their machine...-Carol Haynes (May 29, 2012, 07:10 PM)
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+1 to everything you said!  ;D


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