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Norton Identity Safe -- Free Download

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Midnight Rambler:
Norton is offering Norton Identity Safe, a password manager free forever. Just download the software and install. Also warns you about rogue websites.

I used to use Access Manager Free and now use KeePass but free stuff is hard to pass up especially if it's from a reputable company.  Have mostly found Norton products to be bloatware, however.

Wait, a free DOWNLOAD?!?!? WOW!!!!! How much is the product after your free "DOWNLOAD"?

Sorry, I hate this marketing ploy

Well, the page does state:

Download by October 1, 2012 and enjoy it FREE of charge forever. No strings attached.
--- End quote ---


I understand that statement, and I commend them for offering that. My issue comes into play when they release a new version and the old one stops getting support, Roboform anyone?

That is my thought. Not saying it isn't commendable for them to offer this, I just have to forsee what the future holds.

Have mostly found Norton products to be bloatware, however.
-Midnight Rambler (April 30, 2012, 09:38 AM)
--- End quote ---
Yes, that would probably be true for things like their anti-virus programs, especially. (The superb Norton Tools of yore would probably be the main singular exception to this though.) And they used to put hooks all over the system and were a devil of a job to expunge after de-installation. It was like trying to get rid of a bush lawyer.
But Norton might have got better (said optimistically), and this freebie NIS could be useful.
I think I'd be cautious about it though, after past experiences. The only thing that has stopped me buying the excellent PGP (encryption) is the fact that Norton bought it up.


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