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windows xp sound device problems

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 :( Hi, I am new on this site. I am having problems with not able hear sounds through my computer speaker or even to adjust the volume and etc under sound device manager or (what ever it is called). Any advice anyone, I need help!!  :( :(

A few silly questions, but they have to be asked:
a) Do you have the correct drivers installed? (No exclamations/warnings in the system hardware configuration?)
b) Does any sound produced give a VU-meter like animation in the extended volume controller?
c) Are the speakers plugged into the right (green-ringed usually) output connector?
d) Do the speakers work on another system?

Stoic Joker:
Is this a desktop, or laptop?
Can you clarify the "Can't adjust volume part"?

Less is not more when it comes to details. :)

My computer is a desktop. Yes, the speakers are plug in correctly. No I have not tried them on another device but I will. Yes the drivers are correct. Question B I don't understand what you mean.  :huh: Thanks for replying to my question you guys!! :Thmbsup:

Carol Haynes:
Have you checked the mixer (right click on the speaker). Make sure the speakers are enabled and that the correct sound device is selected in the Control Panel sounds section.

Do you have an HDMI cable to your monitor - sometimes this throws systems into digital only mode and the sound stops working.


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