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Access violation error every morning

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Mouser, sorry didn't mean to create confusion, was hoping to reduce the confusion by presenting the results from various screen capture modes. What is consistent for me is that I can reproduce the 'access violation' error everytime using 'Selected Region' capture mode after undocking using dual monitors and the 'primary' monitor shifts from the external display to the internal display. What I was trying to show with the other scenarios was that I was not able to reproduce the 'access violation' error with any other capture mode.

Sounds like Ath's experience is similar to mine with some of the capture modes. E.g. After undocking and choosing 'Screen (current monitor)' mode, the edit window is displayed (based on config) but nothing is captured. Maybe if the Selected Region error is corrected, there may be something there that could be impacting the other modes.

Ok I think i have it fixed; new version coming up tonight.

can you guys try this version and let me know if it fixes:
[beta link removed -- new release is officially uploaded]

I just shot this one after I updated (3.07.01) and switched my screens off and back on:

And, Lo and Behold, no crashes! :Thmbsup: Seems like you nailed it, great :D

Thanks for the report Ath, and thanks to everyone for their patience and help with this nasty bug.  :up:


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