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Access violation error every morning

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I leave screenshot capture running all the time on my computer.  It seems that every morning (after some combination of the computer going in and out of sleep mode, and logging on and off of our VPN), I get an Access violation error the first time I try using Screenshot Capture.

"Access violation at address 004B32A0 in module 'ScreenshotCapture.exe'.  Read of address 00000004."

Windows 7 Enterprise Service Pack 1

Hi Dl.. ok that's troubling, BUT.. also perhaps somewhat good in the sense that it is happening regularly enough that i should be able to attack the problem; something must be happening with sleep mode.. perhaps something to do with monitor info changing in sleep mode and not reseting, or some memory pointer no longer valid after sleep mode.

If you are willing to help me diagnose, I'd love the help trying to test a fix, and i can begin by sending you a debug version that will help me narrow down the cause -- email me: [email protected]

Probably should have mentioned in my original post that I switch from a dual monitor environment at work, to using just the laptop screen at home.  Which would be right inline with your comment of "something to do with monitor info changing in sleep mode".

sorry i haven't followed up on this yet -- i'll be working on it in the next couple of days and be in touch -- i have a few more SC things to fix anyway, so expect a new release this week.

No problem.  You don't owe me anything.  Thanks for the great software.


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