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FastUnzip Snack

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New version is available. Download from
Added DCUpdater and a few small tweaks. Not sure if this will fix your refresh issue as i didn't change anything to that part of the code since I first added it.

Far from me to know why anything is, but it looks like it's back to working now!

Gingerich Wins... Zipality!

Another update. I didn't take into account UAC in Vista/7. I moved the settings to a sep exe so I could require admin to write to the registry. If I left that in an added require admin to the main app, it would show every time it was run to extract an archive. You can download from my website or if you got the previous version from today you can try the update function.

Yep, another update.  :) Added the settings option to add "Convert to ZIP" and/or "Convert to RAR" to the folder context menu. It will convert the selected folder to a ZIP or RAR archive then delete the folder. To convert to an RAR archive you MUST have a registered version of WinRAR installed and set as your Open With app in the settings. DL from my site or use the update feature.


I am trying to unconvert a RAR, but even after running the setup with all the associations checked, Fast Snack doesn't find it, and the other program is still the default. Any ideas? (XP)


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