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Sorry, I have not had a chance to test it. I have been very busy. :( I'll hopefully get to it within the next day or so.

I just tried that, and it does not work on any Windows OS lower than Win 7. I am not sure about Vista or Windows 8. I do not have them to try on. If I do add that menu/sub-menu support it would only work on Windows 7...  :(

Stoic Joker:
Not sure what language you're working in but T-Clock is written in pure C and the source is available on the download page of my website.

The code extensively modifies the default systemtray context menu (at runtime only) to add submenu options to it ... And it was originally coded to work in Win95.

It might help give you a direction to try.

How will that help add an option to the right click menu of certain file types?

Stoic Joker:
Oh hell I don't know, I'm running on only a half hours sleep in the last 48 hours ... Did I get the question wrong??


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