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FastUnzip Snack

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It could. Sometimes apps auto-assign themselves to a file type every time they are run. That could be what is happening here. I'll try to look into it more when I get a chance.
-c.gingerich (May 15, 2012, 09:29 AM)
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Well, except that I think I installed the Unzip Snack a couple of times in a row so that by that logic the Snack should have grabbed the association. It's not all that bad, the RarFrog is kinda neat too, I'm just reporting it in as a bug. The main purpose of the Snack was XP's awful 8 click wizard fopr zip files.

Ok. Thanks for letting me know

More suggestions:

1. How about removing the popup menu option and adding a context menu option to the archive types it supports?
2. It should automatically extract to a folder named after the archive if there's no folder already specified in it and it has no .exe/.msi files in it.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time file associations are quirky, but the old style "open with - choose - always use this program" and picking Snack does seem to finally revert the file association over.

1) I think I am going to keep the popup menu. I already have a few apps that add to the context menu and until I find a way to make a sub-menu (cascading menu) on the context menu this helps keep the context menu less cluttered.

2) Since I am using external apps (Unrar and 7zip) I cannot "see" inside the archive unless I extract it first. If I do that it would make the app a lot slower just trying to look for a folder or EXE/msi inside.


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