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FastUnzip Snack

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Hmm, do you mean convert a folder to RAR?

Hmm, do you mean convert a folder to RAR?
-c.gingerich (May 07, 2012, 06:15 PM)
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No, "UnZipping" (Un-RAR) a folder. Just like unzipping a zip folder right? Except the snack doesn't launch on doubleclicking a rar item.

ah, ok. I'll look into that today. Must have broke something adding the other functions.  :-[

Have you updated to the most current versoin? (v1.0.1.0)? Can you open the folder where FastUnzip snack is installed and double click on FastUnzip Snack.exe, what happens? Do you get the settings dialog or do you get a info box saying to run the settings from the start menu? If you run the settings, the RAR File Association box is checked?

I am asking all this because I cannot find anything wrong in the code (yet) and my copy is working on RAR files. I'm sure I missed something, just trying to find out what.  :-[ :D

I have some suggestions for it:

1. Add an option to have it either extract to a designated folder or allow the user to choose where to extract.
2. Add an option to disable the creation of a folder that's named after the archive.
3. Show the progress (the file that's currently being extracted and a progress bar) of the extracting of an archive instead of a box containing a Cancel button.
4. Add support for passworded archives and have it use a list of saved passwords.

Thanks in advance for adding them.


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