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If we do get space, i dont know how to access it. I cant find anything in my profile settings. I guess i could just keep updating here, but i just need to keep track of what thread i posted on to update that file each time. I should really build in an update function into my software.
-c.gingerich (May 04, 2012, 07:51 PM)
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You could use DC's very own "DCUpdater" for that :)

DcUpdater is a general purpose update checker that can check for updates for multiple programs and help the user download and install them. For programmers, it's an easy and free way to to add update checking support to your programs.
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I'll look into that, thanks!


Your new version seems to be missing the refresh - the folder is not appearing again when I extract - to subfolder.

Odd. It is in the latest version. I'm doing some small updates, including adding DCUpdater support. As soon as I get it updated I'll let you know.

+1 Pest! :)


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