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FastUnzip Snack

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This was a request by TaoPhoenix.

FastUnzip Snack is an fast un-archiving application.

After install you will get a settings dialog (see attached image) that will allow you to:

* Set the file associations (supported file types are ZIP, RAR, 7z, TAR, CAB)
* Set an Open With application to open archives (used when FastUnzip Snack is disabled or popup menu is used)
* Disable FastUnzip Snack (must have an Open With application set)
* Use a popup menu before extraction (see attached image)
You can also open the settings from Start > FastUnzip Snack > FastUnzip Snack Settings


* Added sub menus in popup menu to allow delete and move w/o having to set in the settings dialog
FastUnzip Snack
FastUnzip Snack

Download from the Code Snack thread;topic=30797.0;attach=65859

Just a quick note, it's   "attachthumb' not 'Attachthumb' (Case Sensitive)

Back on topic...Great Job!

Oops. Thanks!  :-[

I have an update to FastUnzip Snack. I added a menu item called "Extract and Run". This will extract the archive and list all the EXE files in the archive and you can then run it. After the program is closed the temp folder is removed.

You can download from my website as it is easier then updating the posts. I'll attached it here also, but if there are any future updates please see the website.

FastUnzip Snack

I don't see the Extract and Run item.


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