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Rarma Radio (Raimersoft) - Mini-Review

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I have just updated the OP and made some minor changes:
EDIT 2012-07-03 re new/current latest version, as released May 23rd 2012.
Release notes:
Minor Update 2.68.3
    Fixed: No longer resets manual settings when changing equalizer preset
    Fixed: Minor bugs

--- End quote ---

Currently listening to Voice of Russia news broadcast in English. Just heard something like this:
Ground-breaking news. Hear the news from the first station to broadcast the news ... that Russia was taking steps to prevent the risk of a world war crisis over Cuba.
--- End quote ---
Now that is arguably leagues ahead of the kind of spin you get out of Downing Street or the WH. Pretty impressive.

2012-11-01: made an update to the OP (Minor updates and rearrangement of layout.)
Worth noting also that the sound from this radio player generally sounds better in stereo than in 7.1 surround sound - on my Logitech G930 headphones, at any rate.

Made a minor update to the review in the opening post. No real changes. No newer current version of the software.


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