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Script to sort your Gmail messages by size using Google docs

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* I left the script running all day and night yesterday, and then switched off the 10-minute trigger interval. (Note to self: Remember to switch such triggers off at some stage!)
* The spreadsheet listed about 470Mb in total, saved in 135 sizeable emails ranging in size from 21Mb to 1.01Mb.
* Just by deleting the 21Mb file (a Photoshopped image someone had sent me ages ago that I had forgotten about - oops!) and three 8Mb-sized files (containing attached images), my percentage storage utilisation fell from 20% to 19%.
* I am now embarked on a progressive archive and deletion of the contents of the remainder of the population of 135 emails (i.e., not expunging the emails themselves, just the fat contents/attachments).

Further results. My Gmail is now down to 14% full.

BTW, google seems to increase gmail quotas from 7.5 to 10 GB, simultaneously with the google drive launch.

I have been using Outlook Express in MAPI mode to clean up my GMail accounts from the early time when it had 2 GB quota, and still use it.

I download just the header of all mails from GMAil. It comes pretty fast in MAPI mode even from a 90% full GMail account, in less than 2/3 minutes. I can download headers of just Inbox or All_Mail or any other labeled mails. No timeout or so message, as just the header gets downloaded, which shows the from, subject, date and most important size of each mail.

I flag (which shows as starred in GMail) all those which are bigger or just drag them to GMail/Trash folder in OE which is similar to deleting mails in GMail. Please note that deleting mail by pressing delete key in OE will not work, you need to move/drag them to GMail/Trash folder.

Some of my GMail account which I use for all types of subscription, gets filled up too soon, as I do not check them regularly. So when ever GMail informs me about the quota full, I use OE to clean up.

Another reason of using OE instead of any other 3rd party app or web service is that the password is not given to any other app/service, even I do not save it.

Give it a try and you may be surprised by the speed and simplicity of it. You may use Outlook instead of OE and it should give same result, but I have never tried it.



I decided it was to time consuming for me, and I needed to do a back up of everything anyway, so I decided to use Mail Store to download all mail and then delete the older mail. Unfortunately mailstore gave a bunch of error messages which I haven't had time to look at yet so I'm stalled.

Saved by the bell :)
BTW, google seems to increase gmail quotas from 7.5 to 10 GB, simultaneously with the google drive launch.
-eleman (April 25, 2012, 11:27 AM)
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