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Script to sort your Gmail messages by size using Google docs

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Archiver for Gmail - This looked like a potentially really useful script.
It's apparently currently only available as a Chrome webstore extension, but once you install it using Chrome/Chromium, it operates on your Gmail account and you don't need to use Chrome/Chromium for it after that (I use Firefox for accessing Gmail). The script is like rust - it just sits there operating continuously and intermittently in the background, regardless of whether you are using Gmail or are asleep at the time. Because I am paranoid, I did not set the script to automatically delete stuff once it had been archived - I shall check/do that manually.

From the Chrome webstore:
Archiver for Gmail is a script that will seamlessly analyze your inbox and move all the big attachments to your Google drive.

* Super simple, super cool new "one-button-mode"
* Archiver for GMail has now automatic/copying background features to copy attachments!! :)
* After some feedback on the poor documentation of the functions I added some labels to each field to disclose what it actually does!
* Uninstall instructions are embedded in the app (also including the instructions on how to remove the annoying apps script emails).

The script will also save an html copy of the whole thread, so that you are good to delete every email containing big attachments (this can be even done automatically). Finally, all the messages containing relevant attachments will be labelled, so that you can index your inbox even better.

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