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DONE: Windows software shortcut (LNK) creator

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Greetings :)

I have a need to create several hundred shortcuts to the same app, each with a different name and different arguments. My current "copy, rename, right-click, edit, confirm, repeat" process is cumbersome. This little project would benefit greatly from an app that would let me paste text in to the relevant fields, hit Create to make a shortcut, then repeat.

Here is a very similar app to what I'm imagining, but it is designed to create admin shortcuts, which I don't need.

Required fields are Name, Target, Start Dir, and the directory where the file will be created. It would be nice if arguments could be put in a separate text box, since these have to change with every shortcut I create. Optional features could include selecting an icon, adding a description, and whatever else LNK files support, but I don't need these for my purposes. Ideally, form data would not be cleared after creating a shortcut, but maybe this could be an option.


Do you have these different names and arguments in a text file?  If so, it would be easier to simply make a script that reads that in and creates all your shortcuts in one pass without a GUI.  Thoughts?

I considered that. I don't have them right now, but I could enter the data into Excel as I work, then just export to CSV. So yes, a script would work too!

Here ya go!  :) Should be self explanatory, but if you have any questions let me know.

Wow, great!

Working well for my purposes, thank you.

One little request: could you set it up so that hitting Return in any text box sends the command to create the link?


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