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Triniault - another program similar to F&RR


Triniault, yet another app that I am debating trying at: It's in beta and is written as a Quicksilver (Mac app with a fanatical following) analog for Windows, though the author admits to not having used Quicksilver. There's a user forum here that's been live for about 5 days and so far has 3 postings, all from the author!

Triniault appears to differ from F&RR in that it indexes the user's hard drive when first run and then updates itself periodically after that. Looks like I'm going to have to download and try if I am to make any sort of a meaningful comment on it.

Downloading now...

OK, first my spelling is atrocious -it's Trininaut. Second, I think I just set a record. I downloaded and started up trininaut (no installation, just unzip the files into a folder and run the exec) and let it index my 80GB harddrive. Pros: indexing was quick. Cons: everything else... It will launch executables but evidently not open files or folders. As I COULD NOT get to the settings dialog and as I had to kill the process via Task Manager - not being able to use the method described on the app's homepage, I've already given up and deleted it. When running, it uses about 17 MB of RAM.

I'll drop the author a note outlining my experience but this is far, far, far from being in F&RR's league!



looks good but i doubt that i will try it... i'm fused to f+rr for now :Thmbsup:


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