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W7 taskbar>toolbar>'desktop' extremely slow

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Just to be clear, when you say "toolbar for the desktop" do you mean you have about 100 icons on the desktop? Or some special toolbar?-MilesAhead (April 19, 2012, 03:39 PM)
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Standard Desktop > Icons Hidden.
Standard Taskbar > right-click > Toolbar > Desktop
"Skrivebord" = desktop

Do any of these shortcuts point to targets on a network or optical drive? Basically anything other than local hard drives... those may be taking a while to resolve.

-all the programs are installed on C:\..., but there are also the standard desktop shortcuts for Libraries, Curt, Computer, Network (which is empty), Control Panel, and the Bin/Wastebasket. No shortcuts for USB sticks etcetera.

Move all "special" shortcuts that don't point to files on your local hard disk away temporarily. See if that makes a difference. It's easy enough to move them back in.

One thing you could try instead of hidden shortcuts on the desktop, put all your shortcuts into a folder, say Apps or whatever you want to name it.  Drag it into MyDocuments.  A Move from the desktop so now your desktop is clean.  Right click on Taskbar, then Toolbar, the New Toolbar.  Navigate in My Documents and select the folder. Now you have a ">>" on the Toolbar.

I'm thinking maybe whatever hides the desktop shortcuts may be clashing.

I did the above but I don't like mouse hover menu. So I dragged the individual subfolders onto RocketDock and made a custom icon for each category of programs.


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