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quick replace, sort, change columns in EXCEL



I am searching how to do these in EXCEL:

1) select cells and then replace the text of each selected cell with *something*, with one click
2) set as default to always "expand selection" and select "no header row", before sorting, and select all cells with data before sorting
3) drag and drop columns to change their position (eg, drag and drop column A, between column B and column C, so that it will become column B)

any idea?


Other than the 'dragging' part, you're describing things that can be accomplished entirely via keyboard, and therefor could also be recorded as a macro....  Also, be sure to check out the (previously mentioned) ASAP Utilities.  It has some advanced selecting capabilities.  (though I don't know if the ASAP functions can be recorded)

I did it so easily with macro recorder!!! thanks!!!


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