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Arrested and Convicted for Tweeting in the UK!!!

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I can't help but laugh at this stuff now. It's soooo out of control...

Some poor fellow has been ARRESTED and CONVICTED for blasting a politician on Twitter!  :o

Clips below are selected to give you the quick version fast:

'Which c*** lives in a house like this. Answers on a postcard to #bexleycouncil.'

'It’s silly posting a picture of a house on Twitter without an address, that will come later. Please feel free to post actual s**t.'

John Graham Kerlan who blogs under the name Olly Cromwell, faces jail after Councillor Melvyn Seymour complained.

But last week he was convicted of making a grossly offensive and menacing comment on Twitter, thought to be towards Mr Seymour.

He has been handed a restraining order that ordered him:

* Not to own, operate or write on a website or social media any criticisms of Bexley Council
* Not to contact the victim directly or indirectly
* Not to write directly or indirectly about Bexley Councillors on any site
* Not to refer to the victim directly or indirectly on any site
Mr Kerlen, from Millwards, Essex, has been granted conditional bail until his sentencing on May 9. He could receive a custodial sentence of up to six months in jail.

A spokesman for Bexley Council said: 'The council is totally supportive of freedom of expression and political debate.

'The council is of the view that Kerlen's actions went beyond the limits of what is both acceptable and reasonable in terms of freedom of expression.'

--- End quote ---

That last part there is just hysterical!

"We support freedom of expression, just so long as you say things we like!"

I think the part of "freedom of expression/speech" that they didn't quite understand is that it's speech that you DO NOT LIKE that needs to be protected. This stuff isn't that difficult to understand.

NSFW and "illegal"The "spokesman for Bexley Council" is obviously a retarded cunt.

NSFW and "illegal"The "spokesman for Bexley Council" is obviously a retarded cunt.
-Renegade (April 17, 2012, 12:08 AM)
--- End quote ---


While outrageous, this is the tip of the iceberg.

Proposals for complete real-time accessible logging of all communications... secret trials.. "limits to freedom of speech".

I will leave this country once the net is monitored heavily.

P.S. please take any daily mail article with a nice pinch of salt!

My hope is that any kind of significant widespread monitoring of the internet will serve to promote the use of SSL. Granted SSL is flawed, and will continue to get more expensive to implement until Microsoft wake the f**k up or IPv6 is fully deployed, but it should be sufficient to protect those of us who care (and thus keep one of our own eyes on the SSL certs and ciphers our browsers are accepting).


Not taking sides here, (because, quite frankly, I don't give a s**t), but how is this different from:

While standing in a street you point to a house and ask the person next to you, "Which c*** lives in a house like this.  Write the answer on a piece of paper and put it in his letterbox.", oblivious to the fact that both the owner of the property and a policeman are within earshot.

By inference you have called the owner of the property a c*** which could be marginally considered as slander.


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