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Comparison of eReader devices

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I have a 3 years old Cybook Gen 3 and love reading on it from the first day I got it. For the typical sequential reading of a novel, IMHO an ebook reader is far, far better than a paper one.

One thing I don't understand much is the appeal of the "touch" on this kind of devices (apart for dealing with manuals / references, that indeed also need a larger & faster screen): I know I definitely don't want to put my fingers on the same surface I have to read from.

With manuals and references and other things that have other than words in them, the gestures can let you easily zoom in on what you want to see.  And my screen never suffers from the touch of my fingers- I don't see fingerprints on them other than if I intentionally try.  And the ability to have the controls fade away, but there at a touch is very cool.

Barnes & Noble is cutting the price of the Nook for Mother's Day:

^ corrected link

^ I think your link is wrong. :)

My GF has the previous top of the line Nook and is planning on taking B&N up on their Mother's Day promo to get their current top o' the line, the Nook HD+.

She did a lot of research and hands-on testing (like she always does when buying technology) on both the Nook and the Kindle before she definitively decided on the Nook.

She's an avid reader and a lover of fine books - as in the paper variety. But she absolutely treasures that little glass and plastic gadget. You'll only take her Nook away from her when you can pry it from her cold dead fingers.


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