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toggle/change icons on action / on return from external program


could not find much on this, except that you can add new menues by some plugin/textfile.

However, it would be great if the icons of an existing entry could be changed according to some action or to a returned value of some external program.
For example: changing from a red colored icon to a green one if program is running, or, if an external/network drive is available or ... whatever. Should be more than just two options...
One may even think on displaying continously changing data.
I know there are a lot of programs for displaying everything of interest and even beyond that ;-)  (used samurize some years ago), but at the moment I'm stuck to LBC and it would be great to not have the necessity to install and configure another program which will interfere with LBC, at least will reduce the working area by applying another bar to the monitor.
A compromise could be that LBC allows an individually definable part of the space it is using from one end of the monitor to the other when docked...
Any idea in these directions?


i like that idea, it is a little bit like taskbar functionality. when there would be a hook which is checking for running programs and main windows, then dock could display alternative icon, which one has to specify.
the running specificator could be other background or a rectangle or custom icon.


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