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yet another file manager thread...

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Ac Browser Plus is/was one of my faves, unfortunately abandoned

Xplorer2 all the way.  I loved it and still install it on every Windows computer I am entrusted with when file management is a part of my job.  Tree on the side and two panes with full line selection turned off and a decent set of bookmarks and dancing through the file system is a breeze.

If only there were a comparable one for Linux, I'd be ecstatically pleased.  There are lots of Explorer clones (list or tree on the side and one pane), a few with two panes and no tree, but none with a tree and two panes. If I ever get free time to actually learn some programming (tried at least a hundred times...) my first project will be an Xplorer2 clone for Linux.

P.S. Tried running Xplorer2 on Wine, a bit disappointing as some of the functions didn't work correctly (big surprise), so no go that route.


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