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OpalCalc 1.43

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I am the sole developer of "OpalCalc" for Windows XP/Vista/7 (requires .NET 3.5 or higher), a program with a short but colourful history. It's been featured on LifeHacker, PC World and MakeUseOf, and is currently rated 4.6/5 (20 reviews) at Softpedia.

But since then, it's got quite a lot better :) Here is the download page:

The standard Windows calculator falls short in a number of ways, but most of all it won't allow multiple calculations at once, or allow you to go back and edit previous sums. Before OpalCalc, it turned out nothing on Windows like this existed. The Mac had something called 'Soulver', but a port didn't seem likely soon, so I've slaved away solid for almost a year creating something I hope many of you will appreciate.

The video on the site gives a good overview, but briefly:

Opalcalc uses a special 'notepad' interface where answers are displayed next to the sums, and update live as you type. This makes it ideal for quick sums, or more involved calculations, perhaps such as shopping lists, a work timetable, tax return, math problem, programming debugging, and much more.

You can work with dates and times, money and currency conversion, units (+ conversion), percentages, and use custom variables and functions. OpalCalc supports dozens of in built functions, full colour coding, printing/loading/saving, advanced notation support, excellent documentation and much more.

The pricing is interesting and I think sympathizes with the philosophy of Users can use the generous 'demo' (5 lines, but no time limit), and if they upgrade, they can pay a fee of their choice. Even 1 dollar would get them the full version. Furthermore, there are no passwords, keys or DRM of any sort - the license lasts forever, and upgrades are free.

Any comments and reviews would be appreciated. Feel free to dish out any constructive criticism (the amount I've had so far has only allowed me improve OpalCalc, so it's all good!).

Very nice! Welcome to the site TwinBee  :Thmbsup:

Looks cool!  Welcome aboard!

OpalCalc is AWESOME!  I registered it a few weeks ago after using the free version for a long time  (years?)
Mostly I can only say good things about it.  It works the way my brain thinks.  I guess the only feature that I'd really like to see is a history/memory of previous calculations.  This should only be implemented if you can do it without causing a performance lag, though.  

Another "what if" idea I had was to implement a "workday" function.  The idea would be to have an .ini file of holiday dates in the program folder.  Then you could have a function like in spreadsheets.  =WORKDAY()  Would be cool.  In truth, I probably wouldn't use it often.  I would use a history function though  :)

EDIT:  I just installed the newest version, and yes, it is faster!  I like the new Volcano skin.  I think that we can all agree it looks awesome with the Jupiter skin I have going  <wink>  ;)    I'm not sure if the 'Saturation' sliders work as expected though.  They seem to change the tint somewhat, rather than "saturation" per se.... 

(note: The inner colors are the OpalCalc skin and the window border is a WindowBlinds customization based on my wallpaper--which is a pic of Jupiter I scored on Reddit.  The extra window border buttons are ActualWindowManager, which I won in a drawing here on DC.)

What a stunning amount of power in such a deceptively simple-looking program. Wow. :)

I have already made a FARR alias to it...


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