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Unsubscribing a topic...

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is there a simpler way to unsubscribe a topic while being on the forums' pages, instead from the email that we receive?
i have something like this in mind, as used in mozillazine forums... you can also "watch" topics without replying to it.

Unsubscribing a topic...

P.S. found it...  :-[. now how do i delete this redundant post..?

ill move it to site features for others to learn from.

Carol Haynes:
Not redundant - other's may not have noticed the link ...

Not redundant - other's may not have noticed the link ...-Carol Haynes (April 04, 2006, 03:34 AM)
--- End quote ---
oops, sorry wrong board... tks for not scolding me. now, this is why i like it here. :-*
any other forum, the moderator will be on my back, throwing the book at me & issue a stern warning.

Carol Haynes:
If that's what you want ...


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