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Greetings, this is my first posting and i must say that i am very impressed about the LaunchBar Commander.
And i also like that donationcoder is using SMF as forum system.

My first question is what is the best way to create a dock with weblinks only.
I tried dropping bookmarks directly from my firefox bookmark sidebar, but that does not work.
Then i tried with dropping .url files from IE favorites, that produced 'Error building tree message'.
Do i have to add all my links by hand or is there a simple drag'n'drop solution?


Welcome to the site xpi3000!

Your question is an excellent one, and i'm not sure it's an issue that's been raised before.

But it sure sounds like a case where LaunchBar commander could use a new feature.

Let me go investigate it and see if I can't:

* make it easy to drag and drop url shortcuts onto LBC
* fix any bug with dropping .url files
* add something i've been meaning to add, a simple way to tell LBC to populate a menu with items from a simple .txt file

Wow, such quick reply.
That possibly will be the answer to my browser dock question.

I have now added the ability to drop urls (like from browser icon) and url shortcuts onto launchbar targets.  Will be in next release.

Please add options for url shortcuts like: use site title. for that internet functions would have to be used. only the area before <body> has to be loaded.


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