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Accented characters...


Hi, I just decided to revisit your prog today, after our discussion in a different thread - you seem to have done quite a bit of work since last time I tried it, I especially like the addition of image capability.

One minor thing though... when I copy text that contains an accented character, e.g. 'č', I see that CHS doesn't display this correctly in the clips list. In this instance, it displays 'é' instead... it does however paste the correct character, so it's not a huge problem.

I see elsewhere in the CHS discussions a comment about problems with the cyrillic alphabet... is this a related issue?

Excellent app anyway, thank you.

CHS does not support unicode, which means that the character sets for the display components need to match your native character set in order to display properly; maybe I'm using one in that grid that doesn't.  I'll look into it.

Hi thanks for your reply. I'm afraid I don't really understand what native character set means (and not really any the wiser after googling the phrase :) ), but if it's any help I use a Slovenian keyboard layout.

I also noticed that while yesterday, č was shown as é, today it's shown as c(.

On the other hand it seems to cope with š and ž, no problem.


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