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IDEA: Text Editor just for text (stay with me)

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Looks good, but what's with the tar.gz file? Dang.  ;)

PS: No thread is an old thread. If the topic is relevant, then it's active!

For a Windows Lyx installer go here:

Lyx requires the following for full functionality:
special math fonts
python and UNIX-shell files
basic installation of MiKTeX
GSview (optional)

So if you don't have any of that then you should go for the "Complete" install as it includes it all.

- Oshyan

When writing big scripts, say 40,000 words upwards, I'd recommend using WordStar.  Version 4 is the best, imho.  5 and 6 are more trouble than they're worth, 2000 doesn't use the same Cntrl sequences, and WordStar for Windows is a version of Wordstar in name only.
-SAE140 (June 10, 2006, 06:14 AM)
--- End quote ---

Ah... an enlightened follower of the True Faith  :)

If you're interested in a free WordStar-style and compatible editor, take a look at VDE at  It understands LFNs and thanks to an ingenious macro by John Woodruff, that runs Horst Schaeffer's Cliptext  it can communicate with the Windows clipboard too.

For a WinGUI WordStar-style editor, take a look at WSedit
but be sure to read the caveats.

@lanux128: suggest you take a look at TED Notepad, which has to be one of the best "small" free Windows editors.  Designed partly to be an improvement on Metapad.

This thread has been brought back to life once, might as well hit it with the defibrillator again  ;)

Hello everyone.  Nice site!
Excuse my long winded post, I've been dealing allot with text editors lately and this looked like a good place to pontificate.

On my journey to write a completely freeware registry editor that is stable and has more features than regedit (think regedit combined with registry crawler and an undo feature) I have started out by writing a utility to export a registry file in ASCII format.  In that pursuit I have been examining regedit exports (45 MB files on my XP machine) and comparing them with my utilities' exports.
I use WinMerge for the file comparisons. I tried to feed windiff a couple of 45 meg files and it crashed or locked every time.  WinMerge has no problem, though it does take a couple minutes to do the compare, which is no surprise.
Along the way I've also found the need for a text editor that can handle these huge files quickly so I can examine one, fix my app and recompile, examine another one and so on.

The following numbers are not benchmarks by any means, I did the timing with the second hand on my wristwatch.
Opening up a 45 meg, 800,023 lines, .reg file  with notepad takes my 1.8 GHz, 768 MB DDR machine 3.5 minutes.
editor2 (I have explorer2 pro) takes 15 seconds to show the first part of the file and has it completely loaded in 30 seconds.
My favorite text mode code editor Context took 4 seconds to have the file completely loaded. As far as an all around editor goes, it fits the bill nicely, though it is designed for coders.  If your looking for any type of text formatting this is not the editor for you.  You can choose one font and thats it, no bold, italic, etc.
On the other hand, some of my favorite features are (from the authors page):

* unlimited open files (tabbed - rand1038)
* unlimited editing file size, 4KB line length
* Unicode UTF8 support
* code templates (boilerplate text for you writers out there - rand1038)
* customizable help files for each file type
* file explorer with favorites list (and filter by type - rand1038)
* file compare
* export to HTML/RTF (color formatted text, great for posting code - rand1038)
* editing position remembering across files (and shutdown/restarts - rand1038)
* normal and columnar text selection
* bookmarks
* search and replace with regular expressions
* search and replace text in all open files
* customizable syntax highlighting colors, cursor shapes, right margin, gutter, line spacing...
* miminize to system tray... and a 4400 KB working set on my machine, with no doc loaded.
Anyhow, I couldn't let this thread pass without plugging my favorite text editor :)
Hopefully some of you will find it as useful as I do.



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