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IDEA: Text Editor just for text (stay with me)

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Installation of Xplorer2 includes a little text editor called Editor2 which is very fast, lightweight (~100k) and does everything a minimal notepad replacement does plus:
-switch between fixed and proportional fonts, with definable colors too.
-find & replace binaries (tabs & linefeeds...)
-toggle Upper/Lowercase
-20 autotext entries (kinda like copy&paste but from a list of 20; nice)
-dual bookmarks (whoa! two docs to work on, one bookmark to bind them...)
-external view (nice one; save as html and it opens up what you just wrote in a browser... sweet)
-save as OEM, UTF-8, Unicode or Unix LF
-document stats reporting (line count, etc.)
-'Goto line...' function
-more options in registry such as changing time/date string format and url handling.
-unlimited file size

...and really that's about it, but there's a lot of power there. If you download the Lite version and are wanting a pure Unicode version then grab the Pro version, download and install to a different location, harvest editor2 files from there to your Lite install location, and uninstall X2Pro. (this will, however, remove your X2 quicklaunch button)

TED Editor is a text editor in the truest sense of the word. Might be just what you're looking for.

And there's ewriter, a program I've always loved simply because of the way the auther talks about it.  In reality, it's not quite as eloquent as its description, but . . . it's a nice description. ;)

Anyone remember PC Techniques Magazine?  Jeff Duntemann wrote a nice article about the need for software like this.  He did in fictional story style that was pretty cool.

Anyway, the story cliff notes like this (I just verbized a proper noun):

Just Enough Software releases JES Word Editor 1.0.  It has just enough features to be really useful to most people.  It can't do everything MS Word does, but it's really fast and easy.  Eventually, JES releases some other smallish applications and has a nice steady cult following.  They make money and have happy customers. The end.

I've been waiting since the mid 90's for software like that.. :)

I currently use Edit Pad Lite for most of my text document needs.  It has tabs, looks nice, has kewl features and it small + free. for details.

mark this day in your history books..
i think zaine has created a new movement..
a new underground scene is going to rise up from zaine's original post, dedicated to removing features from software, eliminating menus and buttons from existing programs, splicing stuff out of help files, etc. :)

-mouser (May 22, 2005, 05:04 AM)
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I like the idea...always have. Getting rid of bloat has been a major goal of mine with software I use on my P1. When you have an old slow pc with not much in the way of resources it becomes almost an obsession. My dIE (damn IE) browser has become somewhat of a joke among friends....simple basic no frills browser (and I mean no frills)....not even an icon on the  ;D

What about a text editor that just focuses on text creation, on putting words to screen, on writing?
-zridling (May 21, 2005, 03:39 AM)
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Here is the answer.  You won't like it, but here is the answer, set out in science fiction writer Robert Sawyer's manifesto of WordStar as the True Way for writers


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