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IDEA: Program that'll allow you to change what pops up in place of Task Manager

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THX zero  :Thmbsup:

Wow! People on my level! This place is nice :)

Related to this issue, I already knew how to change the TaskManager, but haven't yet found one with the functionality I want.

This is gonna sound like another version of the Text Editor request. But I actually need a Task Manager which filters certain Tasks from the list. This sounds like a Trojen or Spyware trick I know, but I run a network at a secondary school, and have to struggle between allowing the kids to kill Word when they search for clipard and it locks up for like 3hrs on the search not allowing them to do anything else till it's finnished, and stopping them from closing essential system processes, or worse, attempting to close the network monitoring and security tasks.

Does anyone know of a TaskManager with filtered Task List?

i don't know of a taskmanager that will do what you are requesting - but that is mainly because i don't know about such things.

i'd just like to suggest an alternative: how about hiding the taskmanager completely from the kids/staff so they can't upset the machine BUT do provide a shortcut that will kill microsoft word. you could have a shortcut that ran an autohotkey script to kill word (or whatever other app that locks up frequently).

there's also a util that would allow you to create 'kill' shortcuts for specific applications but i can't remember the name of it at the moment.

perhaps my suggested alternative solution is pretty worthless - i don't know if you could get to the desktop or start menu when word locks up - so you wouldn't be able to run a shortcut anyway.

it's just a thought...

Does anyone know of a TaskManager with filtered Task List?
-bobsobol (October 07, 2006, 10:48 AM)
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I don't know of anything like that. But i could make you a TaskManager that would allow you to show only the processes from a given list.

I mean,having a program to which you'd pass a list of "terminable" processes and it'd allow you to close the ones from that list that exist at that moment. What do you think?


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