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Mobysaurus on Windows Vista x64, Win7/10 requires updated dll - download here


It's been confirmed that mobysaurus needs an updated dll file (dc_lic.dll) on Vista x64 systems.  I take blame for this since i wrote the dll.. still not sure why x64 vista needs it but x64 windows xp doesn't..

Anyway, if you are using Vista x64 and mobysaurus and the program is exiting after startup, just download the new dll file and replace the existing file in the c:\Program Files\Mobysaurus directory:


Thanks. I'd rather update DLLs than eat.

This dll should also work for windows 7 and xp 64 bit.

Thanks for your help, guys.  While I didn't change out the dll file, what I did do was go into properties for Moby and change all the setting to read/write.  That did the trick.  Thanks for your help!...

- Brian


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