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The DonationCoder 2012 Fundraiser Has Begun!

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Sending DonationCredits to the site account will count towards the thermometer goal iff you message me and ask me to count it.


I never really noticed - are there any incentives or challenges associated with this one? Last time we did all sorts of things to spur people on.
-timns (April 09, 2012, 10:37 AM)
--- End quote ---

Sure. As of my posting this, there are $17 dollars left! Who wants bragging rights on the last donation?  :D

Edit: Really? Whoever knocked it from $17 to $13 couldn't afford the bragging rights? Chops to you for donating, now it's absolutely anyone's game! Only $4 left!

Further Edit: Someone kicked it to $5025! We Win! Cody gets more birdseed (and a snip of chocolate, don't tell Mouser!)

P.P.s. "Cody isn't Sick anymore".

I'm speechless... What a day of donations, 138 individual donations of the course of the last day.  Wow.

What now? I guess we keep the fundraiser open till April 15th, as planned.. But everything after today is just gravy.

I'm half tempted to buy a used van, paint Cody's picture on it, and drive across the planet personally thanking everyone who donated.

If yer gonna go that route, you need to get that flying car that's floating around on another topic  :P :P :P.  Van'd take too long.


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