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Last post Author Topic: DC going offline to protest SOPA on Jan 18  (Read 64216 times)


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Re: DC going offline to protest SOPA on Jan 18
« Reply #75 on: August 27, 2012, 09:18 AM »
If only the public would actually organize themselves for a change and send a clear message to the government that we the people are tired of this crap.
-SeraphimLabs (June 25, 2012, 05:52 PM)

Actually, I've had a domain name sitting kinda off-topic for a year now, which you will recall (but those who don't know Seraphim, I invited him over here from - right now it's got a horribly unfocused page which I've been using as a jump-page for the 10 sites I visit, and early attempts at blogging a year ago, but I have an emerging idea that I'm pretty sure could be explosive. This is Web 2.0, ShareShareShare, right? So *Share how you're going to vote*. Ignoring "Dewey Won" sample bias and all that, what if users had a central meeting ground to post "who I plan to vote for as of today". Let's even say "only" 50 million users post the votes. So if some candidate decides to ... hmm... stop being "just a nice old white man" and goes off to pick ... wait for it ... Sarah Palin, then you'd see everyone log on say within a month (they're busy) and suddenly NiceWhiteMan goes from slim margin of 53% to Totally Crushed at getting only 35%, within a month.

But wait, there's more!

Users get to *Navigate up and down giving their reasons*. Some will just hate Obama and say "Obamacare Sux", but for example some of us here would see a candidate go all SOPA-Happy, and then we'd all update our vote tallies away from that candidate, based on %-of-evil.

Now that's not a Coding Snack, or even a Coding Lunch. That's a Coding Banquet. But get the right team to throw some coding power at it, and THEN we'd be able to talk to each other and rise up like a tidal wave and squash certain stupid proposed bills.
"Dear Senator X. If you pass SOPA, WE WILL BURY YOU and here's the detailed votes to prove it. Nice campaign you had yesterday. Shame if you were to lose your seat, hmm?"

You heard it here first. Sharing 2.0 is I Cat Haz Cheezburger. Sharing 3.0 is "Let's choose who we REALLY want and if we can all talk to each other and pick a THIRD PARTY for the first UNIFIED time in US History, we can throw ALL the bums out!

Sigh... where am I going to get 7 coders for that... :(

Edit: I'm so excited, this is clearly the biggest idea I've ever had, so I am racing to write a proto-proposal. If nothing other than to get it out of my head. One line reads paraphrased "If I fail to get the public behind me... someone will, and then Politics will never ever be the same again."
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