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What is the good part of 1Password

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I have no mac, but I know there is a wonderful password management software named "1Password"

I also find 1Password has  a windows version. I installed it and find it is very basic. I compared it with my favorite Roboform and keepass.

1. password management:  1Password's GUI is good. But 1Password can't recognize firefox. You can only save and load the infomation in own GUI not the browser. Anyway it seems like a basic version Roboform

2. autotype feature: just like keepass. You can type some infomation into certain window. Keepass can do such thing well too, and keepass has far more options to auto type. (user defined keystroke)

I check the price of 1Password. It is $49! Roboform is only $29.95 and keepass is free.
So My question is: Why so many people like 1password? Because it is the only nice password management software in Mac? In windows platform, is 1Password worth the money?

KeePassX is free for the Mac although it hasn't been updated in awhile.

Carol Haynes:
LastPass is cross platform and seems to work in most common broswers (including Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari) plus it is free.

I use 1Password on Windows, and haven't had any problems with it being recognized by Firefox.  I use Chrome more, but it has worked for Firefox, and saves within the browser.  It also allows saving of other information- notes, other account information, and custom information/fields, so I use it for everything.  

I guess it's a matter of choice, but the big thing for me is that 1Password is also available (and syncs across) multiple platforms in many ways- I have it on my iPhone and iPad in addition to every one of my PCs and it syncs across them.  I paid $49 for 5 computers + $5 for all of my other devices.  

It's been bullet proof so far, and since I have my data on my device rather than on a server, I don't get into the problem detailed with the LastPass problem with the service being hacked; the files are encrypted on my devices with a hash only I have and decrypted on the other side.  

You can use WiFi or Dropbox to sync- i'm using dropbox since the files are hashed in any case, so I'm not concerned about Dropbox's deficiencies in that regard.

Carol Haynes:
LastPass now have pretty strong security measures and from what I can tell the 'hacking incident' didn't compromise anybody's passwords. The security is multilayered and can include authorising machines before allowing access to your data via a handy grid system (I carry mine with me in my purse - it wouldn't matter if I lose it because anyone finding it would have to have my other security details first and I can quickly generate a new random grid).

You can also add a phsical key (Ubikey) that has to be present on the system before you can use it).

You can also use it offline with a local password store if you want.

With a $12 a year subscription, LastPass is also available on mobile devices (I use it on my Blackberry) and you can use it for storing passwords for apps that require credentials to use them. I haven't tried it but it is almost certainly possible to store serial codes etc. for future installations too. There is also a portable version (with 0 install footprint).

LastPass also has the advantage that your passwords are available when you are away from your computer through any standard browser so if you are away and your device gets damaged, stolen or develops a fault you can still access your passwords.

I took some convincing with LastPass after RoboForm killed lifetime upgrades but now I have been using it for a while I really like it.


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