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What is the good part of 1Password

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I took some convincing with LastPass after RoboForm killed lifetime upgrades but now I have been using it for a while I really like it.
-Carol Haynes (March 27, 2012, 10:53 AM)
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That's me... I was so disgusted with the company that I ditched both Roboform and Goodsync, and I'm the better off for it.

With a $12 a year subscription, LastPass is also available on mobile devices (I use it on my Blackberry) and you can use it for storing passwords for apps that require credentials to use them. I haven't tried it but it is almost certainly possible to store serial codes etc. for future installations too. There is also a portable version (with 0 install footprint).
-Carol Haynes (March 27, 2012, 10:53 AM)
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I'd rather the one time fee than $12 a year... JMO.  And I just don't want to put my passwords in anyone else's hands, no matter how they say that they can't get to them.  I mean, after all... corporations don't lie...

Carol Haynes:
LastPass passwords are encrypted ON YOUR OWN COMPUTER - unless someone at LastPass is really telling huge, enormous, self-destructive lies.

Any of these password managers have access to your passwords and access to the internet.

The only way to remove risk/paranoia from the internet is to pull the plug on your computer and never go online.

Who is to say 1Password is safe - and you use DropBox to sync (!!!!) - my God that makes LastPass look like Fort Knox!

Oh, My question is about 1Password and Roboform(keepass)

Lastpass is not the point, because Lastpass don't have a real windows based client and Lastpass does not fill form beyond browser.

1Password and Roboform all have a nice client. It is faster than B/S product(Lastpass). Roboform can fill application form. I don't know much of  1Password, so I ask the question.

My point is what is the real killer feature in 1Password. Many people say 1Password is the killer mac product. It is worth the money.
Is it about GUI design or is it a hidden feature beyond password management to make 1Password so popurlar?

Carol Haynes:
LastPass can fill applications - you use the LastPass application desktop client app!


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