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Whats your preferred web browser?

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Opera is my primary browser too.  For a backup, I usually use firefox for the power of its extensions.
For quick and fast access to a website where I am not going to be using a browser otherwsie, I usually rely on chrome.

I use Opera and Chrome mostly.

Chrome is going downhill lately. The last few months I've noticed it's being a little greedy bitch and crashing with much higher frequency.

One of the problems is that web designers are for the most part, complete idiots. They seem to think that 500,000 lines of JavaScript is acceptable for 1 web page. WTF? They just destroy the web like that. It shouldn't take a year less a day to scroll down a single page. (Facebook is a major culprit here.)

Opera is far more stable. I've noticed that shitty pages tend to perform better in Opera as well. Opera is, what would you call it, kind of like a helmet for retarded children, just for web designers instead.

Ahhh... That was a rant long over due! :D

My favorite? Firefox when it was back around version 3.

I mostly use Opera these days.

Firefox when I need to. Ditto IE mostly when dealing with Microsoft partner stuff.

I must admit, I sometimes do switch on to Firefox, but ONLY when I need to be logged into the same website under 2 names (testing my own stuff, one admin, one normal user account) or when I am watching Netflix (because they are idiots and refuse to work in Opera).

Opera ofcourse

(though it lacks some serious features and it has some serious drawbacks)


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