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Whats your preferred web browser?

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Firefox and Opera are the best if you need to download. Chrome blows. As bad as IE. Or worse.

The thing with FF and Opera is that you can pause downloads, etc. etc. Far superior to the others.

So far nobody has mentioned Safari... ;) :P

Was on opera till 2 days ago. Moved to chrome. JS performance + sites never tested on Opera made me switch. Plus a vi plugin better than vimium ;)

I use Firefox most of the time. Use IE for Windows Update and certain corporate sites that only work in it. I have Opera and Chrome installed. Never use Safari on desktop.

how about Sleipnir?
I use it in Android and it's awesome

I've been using Opera for my browsing and inbuilt email client for a decade or more.

Occasionally I fall out of love with some incompatibility or other, but then I try the competition and soon find myself back in bed with Opera.


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