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Whats your preferred web browser?

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Maxton and chrome.

K-meleon and SRWare Iron.

Like many I was a long time FF user due to it's extensions - many but particularly Tab mix Plus and Download Them All (and Adblock but most have that now)
FF has slowed whilst Chrome is fast and I am a heavy Google user anyway so ...
Have consider Chromium and SRW Iron but not that concerned about privacy as I am Google's b1tch already :)

My major gripe with Chrome is the stealing of focus
With FF (and Tab Mix plus) I could use Tweetdeck or an email program and click web links which would load in tabs in the browser in the background without stealing focus from the current app
Would love to have that capability from Chrome but not possible
Does Opera do this? If so I might give it a try

Years ago, Opera was my default browser (even back in the days when I had to pay for it).  Eventually, I switched to Firefox, both because more sites looked right in it and because it had some useful add-ons and Opera at that time had none.  I've stayed with FF, using Opera as my backup, mostly because some of the add-ons I care about most are not available on Opera.  I'm thinking especially of Lazarus and the add-on for Surfulater (Surfulater works MUCH less well in Opera).  As for Chrome, I don't even have it on my computer.   I don't have confidence in how Google will use what it knows about users of its software (and hardware).  I really don't feel comfortable making it easy for Google to track every website I visit. 


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