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Whats your preferred web browser?

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Im a long time Opera user and can't find anything to match up to its standards...what would YOU recommend, and why?!

Whatever floats your boat.

Except Netscape.

There was a time when Opera was it, then it was Firefox, then SRWare Iron, then Firefox... but these days it's Chromium. Certainly not religious about my browser, and may well switch again. Doubt that I'll go back to Firefox, though, but maybe another Chromium flavour or Opera.

The 'why' bit: I had too many unpleasant experiences with Firefox, mostly regarding extensions, and I was tired of having to restart the browser every time I installed/uninstalled extensions. Maybe that's changed now, but put me off. Firefox always seemed slower to me, both startup and browsing. I don't have any facts to back it up, but it just felt that way...

For Opera, too many pages looked a bit wrong and I was not impressed with the lack of 3rd party extensions. Now that it's changed, I'll give it another run for the money (it's originally Norwegian, like me, so there's a patriotic reason as well ;) ).

Chromium: Just works. I had a problem, which was easily fixed by deactivating an extension (no restarting this or that). Would like to be able to modify the context menu and a few other things, like in Opera, but don't want it enough to not use it.

Not this topic again ;p. Everyone has their own preference. Opera is an *excellent* web browser though and had zooming capabilities that were years ahead of its time (other browsers have only recently caught up). It still is my preference for Mobile use. These days, whichever you pick is good enough. Myself, it's Opera Mobile, Chrome, and Firefox. Internet Explorer is the only browser I try to never use, though even it has gotten a lot better than it used to be. I get sick of Chrome, and go back to Firefox. Get sick of Firefox, go back to Chrome. However, now that Google is integrating more of its online services into Chrome-specific code, they may very well try to 'tie' us Google users into Chrome.. Well, they already are in fact. At first they also offered the same extended capabilities via a Firefox or IE plug-in, but now it's Chrome only ;o

I have been a long time user of Firefox, but am getting tired of all its updates and broken extensions.  I do like the fact that it is customizable.  I like the speed of Chrome and am now using SwIron instead.  However, I miss some of the toolbars that IE and Firefox have.  IE 9 on my W7 machine is the best IE yet, IMHO.

Some years ago, I used K-Meleon and liked its speed but it wasnt updated very often (and still isn't). 

What is the difference between Chromium and SwIron?


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