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Wildcard for process kill


Recently I've noticed regular occurrences of process like GoogleCrashHandler.exe or GoogleUpdater.exe running themselves up (I presume from google aps like Chrome). Though I set these processes to autokill, because they run themselves up from temp directories (that change from day to day), processtamer does not recognise them on their next occurrence. It will only recognise them if they run from the same location as previously. What would be great is to be able to set a wildcard like: Google* free of any directory structure - so that the app could recognise & deal with them.

UNTIL mouser gets this added to Process Tamer, and I'm sure he will in time...

Process Lasso supports 'disallowed processes', even by wildcard. This is one of its 'always free' features. I'd understand if you prefer Process Tamer, mouser's application is more than worthy, and I understand a loyalty to him. You can always go back, switch as needed, LOL. The two *will* run OK in tandem, so long as there are no conflicting rules. I actually made sure of this. It will not be optimal at all, but it will be fine.

Thanks db90h - that's great :)


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