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Chrome Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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Trace is a new extension which has been built from the ground up to be an easy privacy toolkit for the browser:

The Chrome extension Bad Ad Johnny is no longer available in the chrome web store, but it works just fine as at 2018-08-16. It is an excellent/better alternative to the default built-in Slimjet Ad-blocker extension.
The BAJ extension installer is in the attached file (below).
Once BAJ has been installed, Slimjet persists in disabling it as a PUP, or something, but that behaviour can be changed in the settings.

"... Privacy Eye is a browser extension that identifies any trackers used by a website and shows the number and duration of hidden 3rd party cookies - aka "Anatomy of the Internet". It does not block website traffic, or store any user data. The main purpose is to improve internet transparency and raise privacy awareness for non-tech users ...":

Don't spend time browsing for themes, but after removing a "morpheus dark" which i could no longer find again,
i stumbled upon "dark theme material pro":
I like the way the active tab stands out as black and the others more greyish/light black.  :-*
Fits in well with browser gui style too!

If someone finds similar turquoise, i'd take it out for a spin for sure!


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