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Chrome Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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@panzer: BadAdJohnny seems to be working quite well, so far. No reason to nix it anyway, so I shall leave it installed.
-IainB (March 23, 2017, 10:44 AM)
--- End quote ---

Author pulled BAJ from his site, also BAJ extension cannot be found neither through Google or Chrome Store search engine.

If you ever need to reinstall it, you can get the direct link here: (click on app store --> Chrome Web Store) or save it in the txt file:

@panzer: That smells a bit fishy. I wonder if the author has been "got at"?

Many thanks for the links.
How does one go about downloading the installer file intact from the chrome store?
I can't figure it out.
I have made backup copies of the two folders (Name: bdgggpliahokemcgimpfcaaeknfbjlce) for BAJ in the Slimjet browser (user data), just in case, and the extension is synced to the cloud, so I can always re-install it, one way or another, but I would like to get hold of the installer, for posterity and for examination/study.

Try using this:

@panzer: Aha! Thankyou. Downloaded OK.

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