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Chrome Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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I have a few that I keep all the time. I work in an IT company so I regularly need Grammarly for checking sentences and blogs grammar. I have a VPN extension as well, works like a charm. Buffer to schedule posts for my twitter and facebook account.

I just came across this one:

Dark Reader

It essentially enables dark mode for just about any website. I've been longing for something like this for a few weeks/months. So far it works pretty well on the few sites I've tried it on, except for DonationCoder. The forums here use too many graphics designed to be viewed on a light background.

I see this extension was posted about by KodeZwerg in the Firefox Extensions thread over a year ago, so I guess I only have myself to blame for not knowing about it earlier. But to be fair to myself, I don't really follow these Browser Extensions threads very closely and I also wasn't really looking for a way to enable Dark Mode everywhere I could back then.

They have extensions for multiple browsers, so feel free to learn more about them and see if they support your browser from their homepage.

Tracking your emails to know if the receiver has opened them or not is awesome, so is being immune to it! Trocker gives you the latter! It blocks attempts by email trackers and won't let them track what you do with the emails you receive. You will be amazed to see how many of the emails you receive have trackers in them:

Extension police - detect and block malicious Chrome extensions:

Helperbird free is a browser extension that gives you features such as dyslexia fonts, change the font & background color, text to speech, overlays, dyslexia rulers and more to customize the web your needs and style:

Location Guard - hide your geographic location from websites:

Incognito-Filter - open specific websites in a sandboxed Incognito Window, permanently:

Toast is a simple and lightweight extension that allows you to save all tabs in the open window. This way you can easily switch from project to project or between work and home tabs:


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