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Chrome Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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Figured that since we had a firefox thread for this subject, I would like to see one for chrome since that is my browser of choice.

What are your thoughts?

Hover Zoom.


Updated as of today:

RSS Subscription Extension

Others I've found totally optional, but handy

Adblock Plus (beta) - I hate ads
Fullscreen address bar - I wish chrome was more like FF in fullscreen
Hover Zoom - I look at devart profiles almost everyday, and this makes it so I don't have to open each image separatly.
Live CSS Editor - For when people think white text on a black background is a good idea.
RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) - because chrome doesn't support rss by default (wtf?!)
View Image Info (properties) - because chrome doesn't have a view image info by default (again wtf?!)
WOT - because I hate evil websites.
StumbleUpon - For when I am bored and have nothing else to do.


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