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Windows 8 is just a Service/crapware pack for Windows 7

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I'll go to wherever can allow me to use a good old fashioned keyboard and mouse.-Stephen66515 (March 22, 2012, 01:27 PM)
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I think I better dust off my old Amiga :)

The consumer preview is pre-beta software. They have basically just stuck Metro on top of Windows 7 to get people exposed to the new Metro interface. Once it enters beta that's when the rubber will meet the road. That's when Microsoft will actually begin shaping the OS into what Windows 8 will be.

There *will* be a fully functional UI for keyboard/mouse users. Microsoft has promised that all along. It's just that the developer & consumer previews have been built to showcase Metro and what it's potential will be. No need to panic yet.

And anyone who says that Windows 7 is just an optimized version of Windows Vista either hasn't spent much time with Vista, 7, or both.

I am with Innuendo. I've had no doubt that MS will NOT make Metro the default UI for all computer systems. It just would not make sense.

Also, Windows 7 is far more than just a "service pack" to Windows Vista. Like Innuendo, I feel anyone who makes claims otherwise has not messed with Windows 7 for more than a few days.

Carol Haynes:
Ditto - Vista was a half finished mess on release (and IMHO Is not much better after 2 service packs). Windows 7 is now my preferred Windows (though I still use VMs of XP occasionally for some things).

I am not so sure that the Consumer preview is that far from the beta - they have to get a beta and a RC out pretty soon if they are going to hit the much leaked October release date.

There isn't much time to do a complete overhaul of the 'legacy' desktop - and given that they say it is legacy why would they want to? The description legacy is a strong suggestion that the desktop is on its way out as far as MS is concerned and I remain convinced that Windows 9 won't actually happen if MS can make Metro popular. I'd guess the next MS operating system after Windows 8 with be Metro 2 (or its equivalent) with all apps locked into the Metro interface.

Additionally they have made it pretty clear that the Start menu is gone - they have even killed the registry hack in the customer preview that allowed it to be brought back in earlier previews. To my way of thinking the whole Metro/Windows mashup is the biggest issue on the desktop. What the desktop needs is a proper desktop Windows with a Metro button that allows access to the Metro apps if you perversely feel the need of Metro (preferably one that can be hidden or disabled completely) - it is after all only a single window application running on the desktop (albeit a full screen single window application)!

What 40hz said. I can say I'm doing as much "surfing" as possible on an Android tablet these days; real work is still the PC's domain. But Vista, the Ribbon, and now Metro are three strikes for Microsoft. VMware and the cloud have made traditional platforms seem like landlines — if you don't have one, you don't even think about it anymore. That said, every healthcare organization I know is still anchored to XP!

Therefore, look for Metro to be transitional at best; Microsoft ain't done yet.


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