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Windows 8 is just a Service/crapware pack for Windows 7

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I have to think Microsoft is so convinced people will flock to Metro and it's closed ecosystem (and app store) that they just don't care any more.
-40hz (March 21, 2012, 08:57 PM)
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I would not wonder much.

I started out hating it (as I did with W7). I have it both in a VM and on real hardware.
I can live with it if I have to and it's not that hard to make it behave as W7 does.

When it comes to tablets my guess is that it'd be quite good. There's no place for a tablet in my life, though (although I have one that came as a gift).

I'm pleased to see that some old but wickedly expensive DOS stuff, that matters a lot to me, runs fine on the 64-bit version using DosBox.

I did few tests and it indeed looks like Win7 with very few changes. The removal of Start menu is annoyance for a mouse/desktop users.

Microsoft desperately wants jump on the tablet OS train they missed by a couple of years. If anyone can enter an industry segment so late and succeed, it is Microsoft. They have pulled this trick off numerous times before. But with Google and Apple as competitors, who knows if they succeed this time.

The only thing I am curious about on Win8 is the ARM support. I'd like to re-compile and test my apps on ARM hardware...

Vista was the big upgrade to the NT kernel. It allowed all that followed. Vista is NT 6.0.

Windows 7 was indeed a polishing of Vista, that's why it was NT 6.1.

Windows 8 is Windows 7 with the Metro UI slaped on top, Start Menu removed, default Font size adjusted, minor cosmetic changes to allow for touch screens (e.g. Window title in center instead of left justified). You know, stuff for touch screens.

No major kernel changes, although it will be built for a new platform (ARM), something largely facilitated with the kernel changes made in Vista, though supported ever since NT4.

On the ARM platform, from what I understand, Windows will be locking everything down to their own App Store - as they have no legacy apps to deal with since none are compiled for ARM processors (only x86 or x86-64 [AMD64].. or in rare cases IA64 before it died). I love the idea of getting Microsoft's approval before releasing an app ;o. NOT. However, it will mean less malware for Windows on ARM.

Carol Haynes:
However, it will mean less malware for Windows on ARM.
-db90h (March 22, 2012, 05:09 AM)
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Who needs scammers ripping you off at that point - it will all be done officially by MS!

I can't wait for the law suits - Apple has managed to dodge the bullet so far but MS has been sued repeatedly over competition rules and I can see it starting again but this time on speed - and I can't help feeling Apple and Google will be dragged in to because of the same levels of user extortion!


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