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Windows 8 is just a Service/crapware pack for Windows 7

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Carol Haynes:
I bit the bullet today!

I am going to have to support Windows 8 so having played with it in VMWare I decided it was time to try it out on a real computer and trashed my laptop to see how it works on real hardware.

The upgrade from Windows 7 (I wanted to see if it actually worked) took ages - probably about 3 hours - but went smoothly.

I don't like it any more on real hardware than on VMWare but at least I have a single screen (which makes things easier with hitting corners) and it does seem to run pretty smoothly.

Currently there is no Microsoft update available in Win8 (only Windows update) so you can't find office updates etc. but the system updated pretty quickly.

My biggest surprise was when I started running desktop applications. Every windows upgrade in the past broke application activations (Especially Photoshop and Office) but not so this time. Every application I have that requires activation works fine without needing to reactivate!

To my mind this proves that the community preview (at least) is liittle more than a service pack update to Windows 7 with an irritating modifed default explorer.exe shell

OK they have added ribbon interfaces here and there and made a few minor tweaks but a new OS - really? Are they kidding.

Anyone else seen any features that would qualify Windows 8 as more than a fairly minor service pack?

Wasn't Windows 7 basically a service pack update to Windows Vista?

I mean, look at the version number. Windows 7 identifies itself as Windows 6.5. . .  :-\

Windows 7 is Windows Vista with some "optimized" (disabled) start-up services and a broken taskbar.

The only "new feature" in Windows 8 is the tablet Metro UI, so I would consider it the Android 3 of the Windows systems; preparing for "Android 4" (Windows "9") that will hopefully merge the tablet and desktop branches again.

Wasn't Windows 7 basically a service pack update to Windows Vista?

I mean, look at the version number. Windows 7 identifies itself as Windows 6.5. . .  :-\
-Deozaan (March 21, 2012, 08:26 PM)
--- End quote ---

Windows 6.1 not 6.5 ...

I'd be really surprised if the "preview" they're giving out is the same thing Win 8 ends up ultimately being. If it is, Microsoft is drunker on their own KoolAid than I originally thought.

I've got it running on real hardware. And like Carol, I am not impressed one iota.

And I agree, it looks and feels more like some weird demo hack than it does a true beta.

If it's not, then I have to think Microsoft is so convinced people will flock to Metro and it's closed ecosystem (and app store) that they just don't care any more.

Besides, Microsoft's message at CeBIT seemed to be that all us IT types should feel free to piss off. Microsoft will be directing its main push to consumers, and counting on them to generate the pull that will make the rest of us get on board.

You know what? When the day finally comes that Microsoft decides to burn its partners, and announces they're pulling all our customers (along with the whole Windows/Office environment) up into their cloud, I'll actually breathe a sigh of relief. And probably say "Good riddance" too.


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