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IDEA: Batch command screensaver

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Has anyone heard of a screensaver that is capible of launching a bunch of commands when it starts? I bet there's something like this out there, if anyone knows of any, please let me know. (Also, I'm going to start searching the net after I post this...)

I think a screensaver (that could be selected in "Display Properties > Screen Saver") that I could use to run a few programs every time the screensaver is activated would be very useful.

The commands/programs I would enable by default would be:
1. Run CCleaner (to clear cache, recycle bin, history, etc.)
2. Lock KeePass (I want my passwords available while I'm at the computer, not while I'm not)
3. Start a "pretty" screen saver (so that it's like a normal screensaver) or maybe start a random screensaver

A couple other ideas:
- Mute the system audio (like IdleMute)
- Kill/pause various programs (like Winamp Killer)
- Maybe turn on some kind of e-mail monitor
- Maybe send IM clients into "away" mode (though I assume most do this by default anyway)

Seems like some of the commands could be as simple as running a shortcut, others might require simulated keystrokes/mouse movements.

Other possible uses:
- Run defrag program
- Start virus scan
- Disable internet activity

I think the best way to do that isn't really with a screensaver. How about a script that lets you execute multiple commands after some time of idle time? It'd have the same effect, but would also allow you to use a different screensaver, or not use one at all.

That would be OK, but it seems a little silly to have a program running just to check if the system has been idle when windows already does that. Also, this way, the screensaver batch program would start the actual "pretty" screensaver. If I saw the pretty screensaver running, I would know the screensaver batch program ran successfully.

I made myself a lil' batch program that I can launch using Maomi. Here it is:

--- ---D:\ProgNew\CCleaner\ccleaner.exe /auto
D:\ProgNew\NirCmd\nircmd.exe screensaver -d
start D:\ProgNew\KeePass\KeePass.exe D:\ProgNew\KeePass\Database.kdbNote: it uses a little command line program called "nircmd" to start the screensaver.

That would be OK, but it seems a little silly to have a program running just to check if the system has been idle when windows already does that.
-Hirudin (April 03, 2006, 05:27 AM)
--- End quote ---
Not at all! :D

AutoHotkey is checking LOTS of things here all the time, it's very helpful.

You could use something like "If A_TimeIdlePhysical > 9000000" to do what you asked for, check and feel free to ask if you want to try it.

I can fully understand your point of view, Hirudin.
But there's one important thing here. Screensaver files are actually executable files with a different extension.
That means, you can create your script, rename the executable to .scr, and set it as your screensaver.
This way, no more other things waiting.


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